A glance at Paris – December 2013


It all started as usual – at the international airport, in this case at Charles de Gaulle airport. Just the very first moments at French land were interesting as the taxi driver had no idea where our hotel was, which he checked on a traditional paper map for the whole time we drove from the airport. Nice, retro individual Wink After that all went smoothly – we started with the most famous places, such as the Eiffel Tower. The view from the top is really amazing, even though the weather was not so good. You can see the magnificent view at some photos. The next day we took a Luwr tour. We were kind of lucky, because the admission to Luwr on Sunday is free. Many people came, but fortunately it didn't take us much time to go inside. The museum is enormously huge! We spent there almost 5hrs but I think that we should spent at least a week to explore it deeply. The other thing is that there are no English descriptions under exhibits... so it's hard to experience them fully... What hit me the most is the fact that Venus From Milo wasn't protected at all, everyone could touch it, not to say hit it with a can of paint Wink

We've also seen all the three triumphal arcs: the first is just in front of The Luwr the second is at the far end of Champs Élysées and the third one in the separate district La Defence.

The metro system is on one hand very well developed on the other metro stations are very obscure and even scary at night.

I spent two salsa evenings there and I can really recommend La Pachanga salsa club. You can go there every evening Smile

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Une vraie horreur de vivre a paris, viveeee les villages A Kiss/Lips Are Sealed

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