Vicky Tomek Barcelona - May 2014


I came to Barcelona to attend FutureJS Frontend Conference plus for some sight seeing Smile I must admit that I have never seen a city with such an extraordinary location - you have mountains to the north and The Mediterranean to the south. We stayed near the port in Barcelloneta that is just 5mins walk from the beach.
We started from the usual tourist attraction - La Rambla, which is only overcrowded on Saturday's night. We had a pleasure to enjoy the magnificent Parc de Citudela, with some remarkable fountains. This is a place where Spanish people hang out in the afternoon and in the evening. Park is full of regional flowers and other plants. What surprised me a lot were parrots flying around in the palm tree tops – you don't see something like that in our part of Europe ;p
I can highly recommend trip to Tibidabo hill. You will find an amazing park with an astonishing panorama of Barcelona and Cataluna.
Sagrada Família church has enormous size, but feels a little bit overloaded with design details on the outside

I would not be myself if I hadn't try to dance some salsa in Barcelona. Even though you might expect that this will be pretty easy to do in Barcelona, it in fact it turned out to be much more difficult... our first shot was the Habana in Barcelloneta on Friday, but even though there was supposed to be a salsa party the dance floor was empty till midnight when we decided to leave. It wasnt much better in Mojito on Saturday. Not many people actually dancing salsa and after midnight the music was switched to house. I'd say moderate success in therms of dancing.

FutureJS conference turned out to be a successful one. Some good quality talks, especially great comparison of data binding approaches across different MV* frameworks. Interesting talks about web components and ECMAScript 6. Plus really good description of continuous integration process  showed by BladeRunnerJS company.

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